Governor Cuomo, Gov. Cuomo: I’ll be governor of New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who won his bid for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination with a landslide victory in the New York primary, said Tuesday that he will run for governor of the state in 2020.

Cuomo, the state’s longest serving governor, is widely considered the front-runner for the 2020 Republican nomination.

Cuomo told reporters at his home in Buffalo, that he intends to win the election, adding that he has no plans to quit his job as governor.

“I’m going to be the governor of this state, and I will be the leader of the people of this people, the people who live in this state,” Cuomo said.

“It’s a very special moment for this state.

It’s going to bring great things.

I’ll keep fighting.”

Cuomo is a former U.S. attorney who served as attorney general and governor of Albany from 2001 to 2010.

He also served as governor of California and the nation’s second-most populous state from 2003 to 2009.

“This is going to feel like a homecoming,” Cuomo told the crowd.

“We are going to come together as a state and a people.

It is going, as it always is, to be a time of renewal.”

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, Cuomo said he would “fight” the Trump administration’s plan to reduce Medicaid funding for families with children.

“As a New Yorker, I’ve had the privilege of working hard to get what I believed in, which is that we need a plan that puts people first and that puts our economy first, and that will be a priority in the coming days,” he said.

Trump said in his announcement Tuesday that the president-elect “will make good on his promise to cut federal spending and reduce the size of government, which will lead to massive economic growth and more jobs.”

“It will also lead to jobs for Americans and a stronger economy,” Trump said.

Cuomo’s announcement came after New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo was sworn in as the nation, state and country’s 39th governor Tuesday.

Cuomo took office in January.

He became the state governor after former President Bill Clinton left office and served for seven years as U.N. secretary-general.

Cuomo won re-election in 2016 and is widely seen as the front runner for the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020, though Trump has yet to officially announce his campaign.

Cuomo announced his bid to be governor in March.

Cuomo will be inaugurated as governor on Tuesday, May 1, 2019.

Cuomo is expected to be accompanied on the ceremony by Vice President Mike Pence, U..

S., Vice President Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

Cuomo served as a U.C.L.A. law professor and worked at the University of New Mexico.

He is the son of former New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani.

Cuomo also serves as a senior adviser to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, where he advises the agency on human rights, anti-corruption, and conflict resolution.

He earned a master’s degree in international relations from the State University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

In his statement, Cuomo described his time as the state of New Yorkers as “unwavering.”

“For the last seven years, I have worked to strengthen the economy and expand opportunities for all New Yorkers,” Cuomo added.

“When I left government, I believed the state had a chance to make the big leap forward and reach its potential, and it has.

That’s what we are going forward to do.”

Cuomo has worked closely with Vice President Pence since Trump’s inauguration.

The governor also met with Vice-President Pence on Monday.

Pence has been praised for his hardline stance on the Iran nuclear deal, and Cuomo has praised the president for working with the president to address opioid addiction and the opioid epidemic.

Cuomo said his relationship with Pence will be based on trust and cooperation.

Cuomo has also been outspoken about fighting the opioid crisis.

Cuomo led a state task force that examined the opioid abuse epidemic, and he signed a $1.2 billion fund to address the crisis.

In December, Cuomo signed into law a $300 million increase to the state budget for mental health treatment.

Cuomo signed a bill into law in February that allows state workers to work more hours to get overtime pay.

Cuomo and the state Legislature also enacted legislation in April to provide $50 million in additional funding to address domestic violence.

Cuomo added that he plans to work with lawmakers on additional legislation in coming weeks to provide additional assistance to women and girls.

He said he will also continue to work to improve the lives of women and children, and support survivors and families.

Cuomo made headlines in March when he signed legislation to give the state a $4 billion emergency relief package to help with hurricane relief.

Cuomo tweeted that he would continue to fight for a state budget that reflects New Yorkers’ needs and will include

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