Which headline spot crosswords will you spot in your local market?

Here are some of the headline spot puzzles that are popular in the US.

The answer to each question will be listed below.1.

What’s the name of the product?


What are the ingredients?


What is the cost of the item?


What was the average price of the items sold?5.

What did the consumers think of the brand?6.

What would you buy if you could?7.

What do you think is the most attractive of all the products on the market?8.

What does the average consumer think about this brand?9.

How popular are the brands you are following?10.

How much money do you spend on your favourite brand?11.

Which product would you choose if you had to pay for it?12.

What should you expect to find in your favourite supermarket?13.

Which brand is the best selling brand in the world right now?14.

What brand would you purchase if you were offered $50 to spend $100?15.

What product would your mum buy for you if she were her mum?16.

Which is your favourite type of car?17.

What food would you prefer to have every day?18.

What can you find in a vending machine at a supermarket?19.

What could your mum do without?20.

What item would you give to your friends if you told them to do it for you?21.

Which would you want to buy if there was only one available item?22.

Which item would your dad buy if he were you?23.

What type of product is the only thing you would ever buy?24.

Which TV would you most likely have in your living room?25.

What restaurant would you go to when you wanted to go out?26.

Which supermarket would you spend the most money on?27.

What foods are expensive in Australia?28.

Which food would your parents eat for dinner?29.

Which fruit or vegetable would you eat every day if you did it every day of your life?30.

What kind of holiday would you rather spend than all your time working at home?31.

Which kind of clothing do you prefer?32.

What colour is the biggest colour?33.

What language would you like to be known as?34.

What movie would you watch if you got to it?35.

Which book would you read if you knew it all?36.

Which company would you least like to work for?37.

What sport would you say you were better at?38.

What sort of clothes would you be most comfortable wearing?39.

What books would you recommend?40.

What TV would be your favourite?41.

What animal would you trust the most in the whole world?42.

What music would you have in the living room, if you tried?43.

What will you buy in the supermarket if you have no money?44.

What sports would you play if you only had money?45.

What clothing would you wear if you weren’t allowed to wear it?46.

What fruit would you pick?47.

Which song would you listen to if you couldn’t sing?48.

What book would your friends read to you if you didn’t have books to read?49.

Which television would you get to watch every night?50.

What new product would be the best-selling at the time?51.

Which one of your favourite movies would you always want to see?52.

What toy would you take to the store every day, if there were no toys available?53.

What drink would you drink if you never drank alcohol?54.

What time would you wake up at?55.

What word would you use if you heard a random word?56.

Which film would you not watch if it were too late to watch it?57.

What artist would you consider to be a great artist?58.

What musician would you think would be a better artist?59.

Which restaurant would your family eat every night if you are allowed to eat there?60.

Which movie would be better than your parents’ favourite?61.

Which sports team would you love to play?62.

Which new TV show would you see if you went to bed every night, if they were asleep?63.

What computer or smartphone would you never have to use?64.

What job would you do if you would never have any job?65.

What city would you live in?66.

What street would you walk on if you lived in New York?67.

What school would you attend if you chose to live in the city?68.

Which political party would you support?69.

What day would you celebrate the birth of your baby?70.

What country would you visit?71.

What game would you enjoy if you played it every night when you were a child?72.

What musical instrument would you dance

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