Why are you using a cellphone as a camera?

A camera is a new way to capture moments, even if the cameras are a few feet away, said Matt DeMoss, an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Washington and an expert in how we use the Internet.

DeMox’s new book, How to Use a Cellphone to Capture Video, is available at bookstores nationwide and in print.

But in a world where we all have smartphones and digital cameras, he said, the smartphone has become a camera for the moment.

DeLoss said the proliferation of cameras is a good thing.

They allow people to be a little more creative and creative with their lives, he wrote.

For example, people can use the cellphone to record an accident in a crowded park, to make a video of a police officer as he investigates an accident scene, or to record a video showing the scene of a car crash.

There are even cameras that can film an accident, like when someone drives into a ditch, DeLox said.

That way, the person who filmed the accident can share it on social media.

“It’s more likely that people will take pictures than actually record the event,” he said.

People also are more likely to use the phone as a recorder when they are traveling, which is another reason to have a camera.

And DeLozos work has shown that a camera can be a good way to document a crime scene and that people are willing to take the time to use it for the right purpose, even though they are not paying for it, DeMos said.

If you want to capture a video from a crime that is occurring, there are a lot of options, including the camera, DeMoons said.

For people who are more comfortable with technology, he recommends using a smartphone to capture video.

But for someone who has limited computing ability, the benefits of having a phone with a digital camera are less obvious.

People tend to take pictures more often when they have something important to do, DeLucas said.

And they tend to shoot at a lower quality when they do.

“When they have a cell phone, they’re more likely than not to have the camera on,” he wrote in an email.

“I don’t know if this is the case with a camera, but for people who have limited computing capability, the advantages of having the camera outweigh the drawbacks of a smartphone.”

DeLoneson’s book is available in paperback, Kindle edition and audio version.

It’s also available for sale at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, B&N, Walmart and other bookstores.

It costs $20.99 and includes a digital download.

DeLucos said he has received more than 600 responses to his book.

He plans to give away free copies to readers of The Huffington Post and other news organizations.

For more information on cellphones and the technology behind them, visit http://www.youtube.com/us/articles/9kxg0hb8mzqm1r4k1c.

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