Christians celebrate Christmas in Christian County

Christian County, Kentucky, is the country’s first county to celebrate Christmas on January 21, 2020.

It was chosen because it is in the heart of Kentucky, which is home to Kentucky State University.

The county is also home to the county fair, a major annual event that brings out hundreds of thousands of visitors to the state every year. 

The county, which was born out of the Great Migration, is a predominantly white, rural area that is home a predominantly Christian population.

It’s also home for the state’s largest county jail, the Western Kentucky Correctional Center. 

For the county’s holiday festivities, a large group of people, including children, will gather around a fire that is lit on a tree in the center of the county, known as the Western Star. 

When the fire starts, hundreds of people gather around it, dancing, singing, and playing music. 

Then, the fire is extinguished, and people will gather in the yard, where a Christmas tree has been placed, and the lights are turned on. 

“I think it is a nice thing for us to do,” County Clerk of the County Steve Stearns said of the celebration. 

Christian County is home of the state fair, which draws thousands of people to the region every year The fair is the largest in the United States, and has been held annually since 1931.

It draws an estimated 50,000 people to its grounds each year, and is the state capital of Kentucky. 

On the night of the holiday, the lights will be turned on at 8:30 p.m. local time, and all visitors will be allowed into the grounds. 

But while most people are at the fairgrounds, a small group will head to the jail, where they will celebrate the night away. 

As many as 20 people will make the trip to the fire, and while the majority of them will be dressed in festive costumes, they will also include children and others who will not be able to make it inside the jail. 

At the fire station, everyone will be invited to sit around a table and share a meal, with people who have to stay inside the county jail due to safety reasons. 

During the celebration, there will be singing, dancing and a light display at the fire.

The celebration will take place from 6 p.l.m.-8 p.t. local, with food, music, and activities including a children’s costume contest, children’s crafts, and other activities. 

Local and state officials, including Kentucky Gov.

Matt Bevin, have urged people to stay home for Christmas. 

Read more about Christian County here

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