How to make an end-time headline

News headlines indIA,ARKANSAS The Indian government has been forced to scrap a plan to put a deadline on when the nation can expect a return to daylight.

End-time headlines are a favourite tactic of apocalyptic theorists who seek to convince people of the apocalypse by making a date of the end of the world.

In 2016, a similar plan was mooted in New Delhi, India, where it was hoped that the arrival of the moon would herald the end times.

But a decision to scrap the end-times date has now been made at the behest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a staunch Hindu nationalist, who is also a staunch advocate of globalisation.

The deadline is the date when India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh, will revert to darkness and become the only state in India to be under state of emergency.

Last year, Mr Modi, who leads the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was widely criticised for using the end date to push his vision for globalisation in the nation.

Ahead of the meeting in Delhi, Mr Abbott said that “the government is taking the decision to end-date the end time” because “it is time for us to be more assertive”.

He said the end is “one of the most significant moments of our history”, adding that it would be the “first time in human history” that we would have to be “firm in our belief that this world is a place where all people can flourish”.

Mr Abbott also warned that the end would be “one-sided and divisive” and that the global community would suffer “tremendous damage”.

In his speech, Mr Trump said he hoped “to work with the Indian Government to ensure that our future prosperity and peace can be sustained for generations to come”.

“The end time will be our greatest challenge, but it is a challenge that we can and will overcome.

And we will,” he said.

“I have always been a believer in the wisdom of gradualism, of building a new world from the ground up.

And I know that we are doing just that,” he added.

Mr Modi has been a strong advocate of globalization and he has previously expressed optimism about the economic prospects of India.

However, Mr Harper said the new government was determined to move on and that “we must continue to lead the world, not take the fight to China”.

The White House said Mr Abbott’s decision was a step in the right direction, and the Trump administration would continue to push for greater engagement with India and other emerging markets.

It said Mr Modi had spoken to Mr Abbott by phone and “made it clear that he fully supports the government’s approach to ending the global threat of climate change”.

It added: “The Trump Administration is committed to supporting the efforts of Indian Prime Minister Modi and his government to create an economic and economic partnership that will support global economic growth and prosperity.”

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