How to be smarter about news headlines

The world is living in a new golden age of news, and there are a lot of stories that you might not even have heard about, according to a new study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

The new findings could help you better understand news headlines, which can shape our perceptions of the world.

The researchers studied nearly 4,500 news headlines published in 2017, and used them to estimate how likely they were to be misleading.

They also looked at how much of the headlines were accurate, and how accurate they were.

Most headlines contained headlines that made assumptions about the topic, such as: “The most common type of global warming is a natural disaster.”

And the most commonly used headline, “The hottest summer in nearly 70 years is on the way,” said lead author Emily Pomerantz, an assistant professor of political science at Harvard T, who was part of the study.

The findings can be used to help journalists and audiences understand the news, Pomeranz said.

“When you see a headline that says ‘hot summer coming,’ or ‘cool summer coming’ or ‘hot winter coming,’ those things are all true,” she said.

But if the headline says, “If you don’t like this summer, you should consider a different summer,” it could mislead readers, Ponderz said.

So, how do we know which headlines are true?

The researchers asked reporters and readers to write about headlines from a range of sources, including news websites, social media, news magazines, and the U.S. Census Bureau.

The study looked at the headlines for about 10 percent of the headline categories.

The final results, published in the journal PLOS ONE, found that only about 20 percent of all headlines were true, according the researchers.

Pomeratz said the new findings will help journalists determine if a headline is misleading, but also could help readers understand how to recognize them.

“A headline can be one of the most powerful tools that you have to communicate information,” Pomerants said.

The headlines “might not even be right” in a news article.

But they’re still useful in many contexts, she said, noting that they might be less helpful for understanding other parts of the story.

“If a headline says ‘The hottest year in nearly seven decades is on its way,’ it could be telling people about the most extreme summer on record, or it could also be telling them that it’s going to be one hot summer in 70 years,” she told TIME.

The headline “If all you want to do is cook is get out and play, this summer is for you” is still accurate, she added.

And the headline “Cool summer coming” is accurate for many reasons.

It’s often used to describe weather events, like a heat wave or an extreme cold, or to give people more information on a weather event.

But the study found that the most frequently used headline for the most common weather event is “If the weather stays the same, we should still be happy.”

The most common headline for “If I want to go out and eat, this year’s the perfect time” is also accurate, according Pomerans study.

But “If only I can cook the best meal in the world, I should stay home,” or “If there’s a snowstorm, it might snow on my roof, but it’s not going to affect my house,” are less accurate, Pomers study found.

“It’s really a matter of perspective,” she added, adding that if a story doesn’t make sense for the context, you can always use a different headline.

“So, I’m not trying to be a bad news reader by telling you all these things, but if you’re trying to figure out if something is accurate or not, then you have a choice,” she explained.

“I think this study shows that there are two ways to read headlines.

The researchers also found that some of the more popular headlines could also have other interpretations. “

But one of these tools, whether it’s a headline or a headline, you need to be careful with, because it’s used a lot in other contexts.”

The researchers also found that some of the more popular headlines could also have other interpretations.

For instance, “This summer will be the hottest on record,” or the headline, “‘If all we want is to cook is to get out, this is the perfect summer,’ could be misleading,” Pomans study found, according To understand how headlines are misleading, you have two different options: you can look at the headline from an unbiased point of view, or a biased perspective.

“In our studies, we actually used the bias-researcher test, where you ask people to rate whether the headline was accurate, misleading, and neutral,” Pominant said.

Pominants team looked at headlines published from January to June in four different categories: climate, health, war, and health, among

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